Technical Translation Services

Don’t scratch your head in search of technical translation service. WORDSMITH GLOBAL LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS are facile in technical translation with the assistance of prowess translators. Impoverished technical translation services can result in a complete fiasco like system failure and damaged equipments. Ground breaking results rely on precise technical translations. It demands full command over source and target language, deep prototyping of pertinent terminology and subject matter. Our pre-vetted experts are screened through all translation processes. We have a tested team of electrical and electronic engineers, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, material scientists, physicists, chemists and chemical engineers, as well as other industry specialists for accurate translations.

Our multilingual services include translation in more than 100 languages in technical manuals, Users Guides, system requirement documents, safety reports, EMC reports, patents, installation instructions, service manuals, tender documents, technical training materials, technical brochures, data sheets and more.

We cut above the best that’s why new-fangled multilingual terminologies are maintained of specialist business terminology by our innovative and savant technical experts to grant you savoir faire translations. Technical Translations are wielded on cloud-based structure, encompassing project managers, translators and staff members. This structure shows our streamlined process, uniqueness within the marketplace and flexible business approach.

We are available for you 24 hours a day providing our clientele full assistance with an around-the-clock service with cutting edge results.

Urgent delivery of technical language translations

Our accelerated approach enables us to handle emergency projects with efficiency. If you have bulk material to translate, Contact us. We have thousands of native freelancers that are punctual and work within your deadline. MS Word is generally opted for technical documents. We are versatile and support every file formats like Adobe Frame maker, InDesign, XML and just about any other document file format. Textual callouts and captions can also be translated, if your technical documents hold technical drawings and illustrations.

Technical Terminology

A key to a good technical translation is the consistent use of correct terminology. At the initiation of the project, our project manager will compile a glossary which lists the unique industry-specific technical terms used in your project. Translation of the terminology into each language is done at the beginning of the project in order to promote consistency and accuracy in the technical translations.

Use of Translation Memories

Better translation necessitates the use of translation memory as it is beneficial in long run to save money. As technical translations are regularly updated, you will only have to translate the revisions during each update.

Why you should trust us for your technical translations?

Technical translations are the pacemaker of success. With decades of leveraging experience, we have dealt with thousands of intricate projects involving technical language for bigwig industries and our clients completely rely on us.

Technical specialists: We assign your projects to only native technical experts. We guarantee you quality oriented services with full dedication. Cutting edge technology: To enhance the flare of your project, we put in use all the potential resourceful tools to archive your translations and reduce time and cost.