Localization Services

Sole translation is just not enough in the modern intercontinental world. More and more companies are nowadays opting for localization or adaptation services because in order to gain enormously, it is obligatory to give your marketing strategy a local conformity. At WORDSMITH GLOBAL LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS, to help you upgrade your business, we offer blue-chip Localization services using the latest updated technology.

With our Localization services, we help your business to:

It is remarkably imperative to ensure, while translating that the content has been adapted to the target market and appeals to the audience. We affirm the carrying out of localization process by native translators and professionals in the requested field and the translated content is not just abstractly corresponding to the source, but also aligns to the culture of the audience it was designated for.

We offer the following localization services:

Medical Localization : We scrutinize the project against local health challenges and identify exceptional local candidates. And then, we provide training custom-built to skill levels and secure clinical placements before full appointments of local health professionals under the attestations of 24/7/365 clinical governance provided by Topside doctors.

Our localization drives build closer ties with medical and training institutions and government departments. In the field, appointment of local doctors improves medical engagement, enhancing patient management and enabling better health consequences.


Website Localization : We help clients localize their websites, user interface, documentation, help and web applications. Our teams of localization engineers and technical translations work unitedly to deliver effective website localization solutions that are culturally appropriate and easily accessible to the target locale. We help to grow your business at a rapid rate.

We offer website translation and localization services in over 100 languages, focussing quality, while balancing brand consistency with local preferences. Also, we are experts in managing content updates, the addition of new web pages, and the implementation of micro sites. We provide you true state-of-the-art localization for your global website once you collaborate your agenda with our experienced and tested linguists.

Software Localization : With our software localization services, we help the companies reach the global markets with high-quality localized software products and services that meet the language and functionality criteria of local users in the given market and domain. Our software localization services include, but are not limited to linguistic accuracy and image translation, formats of date, time and number, units of measurement, conversions of currency and cultural adaptations.

Game Localization : The sphere of online gaming is expanding to the global markets at a rapid pace. Millions of gamers get online all over the world everyday. With it, the demand for the games to speak the native language of the gamers arises. We not only localize the games into the native languages of the gamers but also take into consideration their cultural and aesthetic preferences. You can trust us completely for the entire range of game localization solutions that help you reach international gamers.

We translate and localize games on all platforms. Our efficient native-speaking gaming experts have a great knowledge of the correct terminology, game culture and local implications.

Our game localization services include (but are not limited to):

Document localization : Document localization services are fundamental to any market expansion undertaking, when there is a difference in culture and language. Under our document translation services, we provide you with a localized product that maintains the original tone and feel of your original message, conveying it in a culturally appropriate manner. Document localization covers a variety of documents including:

Help files, product documentation, user guides, technical business documentation, white papers and promotional materials. Face it documents are all around: brochures, training material, slide shows, specifications, instructions, annual reports, bulletins, customer magazines, maintenance manuals, etc.

If you are looking for a service that is not listed in the above list, please contact us with your requirements by clicking here. Our client service executive will get back to you with a solution, exclusively tailored to meet your needs.