WORDSMITH LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS can help you creating a version that conveys the same tone and meaning – in any language you want. Just translating the source material is not enough, our professionals use cultural and linguistic expertise drawn from the target market to produce a culturally appropriate version without losing the impact of your original content.

Why you need transcreation?

Transcreation is the adaptation of the creative work into another language. That is why it is more than just a translation. The main difference between a translation and Transcreation is that transcreation focus on capturing the emotive effect of the original text.

The impact of the transcreation is ever growing.

At WORDSMITH LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS, the job of the transcreators is to alter the source text for the foreign audiences who may not be familiar with the culturally or linguistically sensitive content of the original.

Transcreation is basically used for marketing and promotional purposes. A business can be successful in its own country; however, their brand, messages and product advertisements need to be localized to fully ensure that the content is both suitable and appealing.

WORDSMITH LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS guarantees the production of a relevant material that is easy and interesting to read.

Skills required for a transcreator

The transcreators at WORDSMITH LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS possess an excellent knowledge of both the source language and the target language, a thorough knowledge of cultural backgrounds and stay familiar with the product being advertised and be able to write about it enthusiastically. They are also highly creative. We also expect our transcreators to provide cultural advice and tell the client when a specific translation or image does not work for the target audience.

Why is transcreation difficult?

Including the problems posed by creating a target text possessing all the aspects of the source text (message, style, images and cultural background) marketing and advertising copy often contain other difficulties for the transcreator as well. Taglines, for instance, often carry references to imagery used by the company. They tend to be incorporated in a logo, with very short space and a fixed skeleton for the text. If this is not enough, they are often used for multiple target groups: not just consumers, but also resellers and stakeholders, which means the text should appeal to all of them. In other words, it should look and work universal in both character and content.

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