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Medical & Life Sciences

The Healthcare Industry is under immense pressure to deliver more cost-effective translation and editing services for limited English proficiency (LEP) patients. As per the updating of rules and regulations for insurance companies and healthcare providers, all patient-facing materials must be upgraded as well and distributed to patients in a language they can comprehend. It is acknowledged that paucity of information and healthcare services can critically alter the quality of healthcare and have life threatening fatal consequences..

Our company has been a protracted partner for Healthcare companies, with a comprehensive approach and yielding customized localization solutions. Translators are highly professional and understand that patient-facing materials must be written at the patients’ reading level. Adhering strictly to an internal quality control protocol, we grant Certificate of authenticity with each project.

Commercializing medical devices overseas in which they were fostered stand in need for careful translation of all instructions and specifications. Another necessity can be of rebranding to account for cultural differences. Wordsmith Global Language Solutions is a pioneer of medical device translation services. We have an expertise team of editors and medical translators with impeccable language proficiency, technical writing expertise, and professional degrees such as MD and PhD, in all major fields of life sciences, biomedical engineering and medicine.

Quality Control Systems along with dual skilled translation professionals do the complete justice with the requirements of the medical, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Translated documents are gone through multiple rounds of editing and proofreading by native speakers of the target language. Our immensely efficient project managers ensure that deadlines are met without fail and are answerable to clients 24*7.

Translation Capabilities for Serving the Medical and Surgical Device Industry

With decades of leveraging experience, we have been translating documents for the Medical and Surgical Device Industry. Translation services are:

Role of Translation in Clinical Research

Bulk of clinical research is conducted in multi-country trials, and US is a market of many drugs that are flourished or manufactured abroad. Even US-based drug dealers recruit the majority of the subjects for clinical studies outside the US.

Translation is required at many stages in the course of bringing a drug to market, including regulatory submissions, clinical research, manufacturing, packaging and marketing. While the direct cost of translation is highly economical, translation can have a surprisingly powerful effect—for better and for worse—on several important characteristics. These factors include the total expenses of the trials, the possibility of litigation or rejection by regulators and even the safety and authenticity of the commercialized product.

For instance, regulators sometimes repudiate applications or defer their approval if the required translations are faulty. Aftereffect is that cost can raise dramatically, and market access can be delayed by months with fall of competitiveness.

Moreover, stunted translation deshields important links between the data from research sites which operate among multiple languages. Such “lost” links might give high signs to the sponsor that the compound tested is a “blockbuster” or, alternatively, a poison. Thus, erroneous translation can have exceptionally high indirect costs.

Services for Drug Companies

Medical translation necessitates in vogue technical knowledge and multiple levels of quality checks and thorough understanding of stringent regulatory laws for the drug industries. Our company precisely excels in this.

Certified by Medical Professionals

We have a competent team of translators and editors with impeccable technical writing expertise and linguistic skill in addition with professional degrees such as MDs and PhDs in all major arenas of life sciences and medicine.

Our fastidious quality control system with a system of checks and balances in place throughout the entire process—from the project management simulators to the final proofreading of the document.

Clients Rely On Our Expertise

Clinical research organizations (CROs), makers of medical and surgical equipment’s, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies completely rely on us for translation of their most sensitive documents. Clients appreciate our exclusive methodology of delivering spontaneously authentic, professional translation of high-value information.

Linguistic Validation of Clinical Apparatus and PROs

Patient Reported Outcomes questionnaires are an important tool to congregate valuable insight into symptoms, safety and side effects of scrutinizing drugs, and these questionnaires are put into use in the global clinical trials. However, the instruments’ validity across international sites requires not just cultural adaptation, but linguistic validation and harmonization across languages and locales. It has been providing Linguistic Validation of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) questionnaires and other clinical instruments for over 10 years.

Our Specialization

We specialize in translation of medical, technical, and engineering dossiers. We have two operating divisions the Technical and Engineering translation services group and Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services Group.

Certified Translation and Regulatory Compliance

As a pioneer in quality translation services, we deliver a Certificate of Authenticity to all clients. The Certificate can also be acclimatized in electronic format or a notarized hard copy. The official documentation is delivered with the recognised stamp electronically or by a hard copy.

Translation Quality Management

To ensure the perfection and reliability of the translated document, we firmly believe that engineering documents should be translated by efficient and experienced engineers, and medical documents by linguists skilled in the medical sciences, but it doesn’t stop there. Even the scholarly technical translators are only human, and they do commit mistakes. To be an acquainted translation partner, we have innovated a robust system of translation project management which is inculcated into every step of our translation course. Our translation procedure integrates a system of cross-checks, technology tool resulting in a legitimate product that circumscribe both technical fidelity and the nuances of human language.

Full-Service Translation Company

We offer a full array of translation-related services, including:

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We focus exclusively on providing highest quality engineering and technical translation services to our corporate clients. Our specialization, industry-leading high quality management standards and customer-centred attitude have enabled us to stand with the many of the world’s best technical and biomedical translation companies.