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Company Profiles Writing

In short, a company profile is the apostle of your company and its services. It explains to an outsider what you have to offer to them.

The first and foremost qualification for a company profile writer is excellent hold on the English language, and detailed knowledge about your business and the industry shadings.

The challenge is to deliver your message effectively and this is where we can help.


While writing a company profile, loss of words is something that you can’t afford. You need to convey the gist of the message effectively. That is why you need us.

At WORDSMITH LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS, we prepare highly effective and top notch company profile which include company history, key personnel, products and services and contact information. The level of the language is as to be easily grabbed by everyone from layman to professional.

Just a Company Profile is not enough

An excellent company profile must not limit itself to just the explanation and big wordings about the products and services offered; but extend itself to the future commitments promoting business culture.

Highlighting that the main purpose of your company is not profit but customer satisfaction always help.

Your company profile should also try to explain how your profit will benefit local community and the language should be novel, mundane and sensible. This will tell the client that you are humble and good to do business with.

A separate page stating your awards and special recognition by the clients will add some distinction. The kind of recruitment method that one use can also be elaborated as this is of the prime importance if yours is the service based company.

Last but not the least, we lay great stress on honesty in your approach and sound like you actually mean what you say.

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