Certified Translation Services

It is this translation of an official document (such as marriage, birth certificates, patent documentation, contracts etc.) that has been accredited as reliable and is, therefore canonical for submission to wide domains of official bodies.

Translation is not a one-size-fits-all process, it is essential to be aware depending on the status of your project, your translation may crave extraneous levels of certification to be appropriate for the project.

International embassies, agencies and other such statutory bodies generally aspire for different certifications when dealing with the transcribed chronicles like the notarial and official certificate, legalised translation or an affidavit. Expertise and proficiency are the traits to ensure you a spontaneous, lucrative and secure assistance.

Trusted services

We offer the standard and authentic translation of official documents such as birth certificates or academic documents for admission procedure. The deciphered official documentation often needs an officially recognised stamp, affirming the competence of the translator and the translated document. It amplifies the relevancy of certified translation.

Your certified translation will have a unique reference number and will be appropriately stamped, assigned for spontaneous identification.

Contact and order

Affix your document by using contact form or E-mail us the same. The file type is not a matter of concern. Inform us with the Source language and Target language.


Our project executives will contact you instantaneously thenceforth to confer your demand and to confirm that we are granting the valid certification and retrieving to you with a quote. Once the quote is affirmed you can leave the rest to us.


Standard document is delivered electronically for standard certification; delivery is assured within 24 hours. The dispatch of hard copies will be subject to the postal services and delivery address.

Quality and authenticity are the assured traits of our accredited certified translation. We also afford to provide the level of insurance indemnity not routinely dispensed within the translation industry, acknowledging all probable risks to the consumer.

Competitive Rates

We toil to proffer some of the most competitive rates in the industry also propound a consultative approach to all of our services. Our expenses for certified translation services probably initiate at £65.If you find a UK-based translation company that transcribes your official document for less, please let us know, our priority will be to match that price.

Notarized translations

Notarized translation is mandatory for legal proceedings, specifically regarding economic, civilian and administrative objectives. A notarial certificate is granted by a notary public, who enumerates the source documents to affirm correct submission, and corroborates their authorization.

We greatly recommend you to connect with the professional company for the certified translation.

Notarization expenses will be added separately.

Three-day delivery time for notarised certificate

Notarized certificate translation of a 2-page document usually takes one working day to transcribe and 1-2 working days to be notarized.

We prefer to dispatch your notarized translation and affidavit within 3 days.

Obtaining an Apostille = Legalised Translation

Provision of an apostille along with the certificate is an another service that is frequently demanded.

It is globally equivalent to a domestic notarization. This is the most distinctive form of certification and demands a legalised translation. It’s imperative to know about the requirements of an affidavit or an apostille. While we are glad to deliver this service within a short duration, we embolden you to be sure of the legitimacy of the certificate.

Turnaround time

There is a great variation in turnaround times for different service levels. While standardly, certified translations generally have a 2-3 days’ turnaround time. Whereas in the case of legalised translations, the time limit may be considerably stretched. We seek time period of at least a week, to provide such services. In case you desire in for the specific delivery, please consult our Project Management Team.

Take it easy

Getting a document translated and legalised, with an apostille can be a tedious mechanism. We have more than a decade's experience in delivering notarized, certified and legalised translations and don’t worry about the authenticity of the deciphered documents as our translators are highly proficient. So feel free to contact us.